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Introducing Biosysco

Biosysco is a life-sciences technology company that uses our patented muscle activation technology, Sigma Q (ΣQ®), to help individuals become stronger, move better and recover faster than ever thought possible. No matter if you are a professional athlete, weekend warrior or just looking to feel stronger and pain free, we can help.

Muscle Activation

From recovery to growth and repair, muscles are at their best when they are moving – or activated. This is why engaging in low-intensity exercise before and after workouts prevents soreness and helps you recover faster. We exist to make this process easier.

With injury, sometimes a muscle is ready for recovery, but the sensory nervous system gets in the way, causing excess pain and hindering movement. Until now, this roadblock has made deep tissue repair and rehabilitation almost impossible.

How does it work?

ΣQ® sends a specialized frequency – electro-charges wrapped in sound waves – deep below the skin that only the neurological muscles understand. Effectively replicating natural neuromuscular activity, our technology travels naturally through the body, while communicating with the brain to deliver the frequency to where the body needs it.

ΣQ® Treatments

Our patented Sigma Q (ΣQ®) frequency communicates with the deepest parts of your muscles, activating them to provide improvement, repair and growth without any extra effort. We call this “effortless exercise”. This means almost anyone can benefit from ΣQ®, from physical therapy patients to professional athletes, and everyone in between.

ΣQ® Devices

Aquaneuro wet application system                         Bioneuro dry application system

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